Hey there World Rockers! Coming off of a really nice show at Silvana in Harlem, NYC last week, I want to give a big shout out and thank you to all of the street team-ers who have been helping me promote my shows.

You guys are like the US postal service - neither rain, nor sleet nor *SNOW*... . I know during the last round, you hit the streets in 15° F temperatures with the wind brutally whipping up and down the streets and between the buildings; that's BONE-CHILLIN' cold folks!

But you make a difference; while I was loading in for the show, there was a couple looking and pointing at a poster that was wrapped around a streetlight on the corner. With their finger on the poster, they looked up at the street sign as if to get their bearing, looked around, spotted the venue with a "HEY! it's right there!" body language, and went in!

So once again Street Team-ers, you have my undying gratitude for all of your efforts.

click here to sign up

click here to sign up

Anyone out there that's interested in joining the Mthakathi Street Team for your area, click on the "sign up" pic. As a Street Team-er you get to attend the show for free and will receive CDs and merch. Don't forget to indicate what city you're in!

Thank you again one and all.

And as always:

a million years of peacetime.